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Student Loans with
Multi-Year Approval

Get approval and you're covered
until graduation

Get approval and you're covered
until graduation

Get approval and you're covered

until graduation

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Cover the entire cost of education

Multi-Year Approval offers a simple way to secure money for all years of school with just one application. If approved, you know how much money you can borrow across multiple years of college. Apply for a student loan and we will notify you if you’ve been approved for multi-year.

Multi-Year Approval is available for most of our products, including undergraduate, parent and graduate degree loans.

  • Simple

    There’s no need to apply for multi-year. We’ll notify you at the time of application if you’ve been approved. After completing your initial application, simply request funds each year enrolled in school without the hard credit inquiry. No additional documents are required in future years.

  • No Credit Impact

    Once approved, we conduct a soft credit inquiry for additional academic years. Your future funds won’t impact your credit score.

  • Flexible

    Plans change? There’s no pressure. Borrow only the funds you need.

    Don’t qualify for Multi-Year Approval? Don’t worry. You may still be eligible for a single-year loan.

Simple Steps to Apply

Getting your degree takes time; applying for a loan with Citizens doesn’t. Apply in 15 minutes with these 4 easy steps. If you’re approved for our Multi-Year loans, we'll notify you after you apply.
Start Now


Complete the online application

Apply from your computer or mobile device*. You also have the option to add a cosigner, which may increase your likelihood of Multi-Year approval, and getting the most favorable rate. You can’t apply for Multi-Year Approval directly — our Student Lending Advisors will let you know if you qualify for this program after you submit your application.


Select your rate and terms

Choose a fixed or variable rate, the loan term, and how and when you want to repay the money. If you qualify for Multi-Year Approval, you will have the option to select Multi-Year Approval for your current loan, and future loans.


Sign and accept.

You and your cosigner (if applicable) can sign and accept your loan documents electronically.


Request Additional Funds

In year two and beyond, you simply request loans for future years. Log in to your existing loan by visiting our Welcome Page, then select "Request Multi-Year Approved Funds" from the options menu.

Learn More About Multi-Year Approval

Getting a loan is a big deal. So before you sign anything, take some time to learn more by reading the information below.
Of course, if you have more specific questions, you can always Ask a Citizen.

  • What is Multi-Year Approval?

    Citizens One is committed to staying with you all the way from orientation to graduation. Multi-Year Approval provides an easy way to secure funding for additional years in school, without needing a hard credit inquiry for subsequent loan requests in those later years. When you apply for a loan, our team will determine if you are eligible for the Multi-Year option. If you are approved for Multi-Year, you will be notified and presented with the total amount you are eligible to borrow for all the years you are in school. This feature is available for both Citizens One Student Loan® and Citizens One Student Loan for Parents®. You will be notified after your application has been submitted if applicable. Please note: International students are not eligible for Multi-Year Approval.

  • What are the benefits of Multi-Year Approval for me?

    Figuring out how to pay for a college degree can be overwhelming. With our Multi-Year option, eligible borrowers may be qualified for loans to help cover future academic periods. Rather than completing an application, you simply request loans for future years. This requires a soft credit pull only, which won’t impact your credit score. We also won’t require any additional income documents, like pay stubs or tax returns , so the process is much faster to complete.

  • Do I have to do anything to remain qualified?

    When it comes time to apply for another loan the borrower must request the additional loans with the same cosigner, attend an eligible school at least half-time, and be working toward the same degree. The borrower and cosigner will need to pass a soft credit review to verify continued eligibility and meet school certification requirements. This is not a hard-credit inquiry so your credit score will not be negatively impacted.

  • How do I apply for Multi-Year Approval?

    You don’t need to apply directly for Multi-Year Approval. When you complete an application for student, parent, or graduate loans, we will notify you if you qualify for Multi-Year Approval. When it’s time to apply for another student loan next year, you’ll experience a short and simple process to take out your subsequent loan.

  • Will I be locked into my Multi-Year Rate?

    Approval of future loans and interest rates offered will be based on our credit criteria and interest rates at the time you request subsequent loans. Rates will fluctuate and we can’t guarantee the same rate you received when you first applied. Aggregate loan amounts apply.

  • I was approved for multi-year funds, how much was I pre-qualified for?

    You can view your total pre-approved amount by logging into your User Account. Under 'View My Loan Terms' you will see the remaining balance.

  • Are there fees associated with Multi-Year Approval?

    No, there are no additional fees associated with Multi-Year Approval.

  • Where do I go to view my Multi-Year Approval and request additional funds?

    You can log in to access your existing loan by visiting our student lending page, https://www.citizensstudentloans.com. Select "Request Multi-Year Approved Funds" from the options menu.

  • Can I use my Multi-Year loan towards other expenses, like off-campus rent, books, etc.?

    Specific costs such as books, and living expenditures including off campus, like meals and rent, may also be covered. Your school will ultimately certify the maximum amount that you can borrow each year for these expenses.

  • Does Multi-Year work similarly to a line of credit, where I get approved for a maximum amount and then draw on it as needed?

    Multi-Year loans are not lines of credit. Each subsequent request for funds is a new loan at prevailing rates when request is made.

  • Can I use Multi-Year funds to pay an outstanding balance from a prior semester?

    This loan can be used for a past due tuition as long as the balance is from the past 180 days and the student is either currently enrolled, at least half-time, or recently graduated from that school.

Want to learn more? See all of our FAQs.

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Questions? Ask a Citizen.
Questions? Ask a Citizen.

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