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On the phone. Online. When you need us, we're here to help.


Customer Service

Have a question? When you need us, we’re here and ready to help. Simply reach out to us at one of the numbers below.

Student Lending

Citizens One Student Loan® Customer Service

1-888-333-0256 for questions about student loans.

Citizens One Education Refinance Loan® Customer Service

1-888-716-4780 for questions about education refinance loans.

Home Borrowing

Citizens One Home Loans® Customer Service

1-888-514-2300 for questions about getting a new home loan.

1-800-234-6002 for questions about an existing home loan.

Credit Cards

Citizens One Card Services®

1-800-747-8155 for questions about credit cards.

Auto Finance

Citizens One Auto Finance® Customer Service (for customers)

1-877-265-3278 if you are a customer and have questions about auto finance.

Citizens One Auto Finance Dealer Service (for dealers)

1-800-610-7300 if you are a dealer and have questions about auto finance.

Personal Loans

Citizens One Personal Loans®

1-888-333-0246 for questions about personal loans.